Keeping Clean: Best Vacuum For Pet Hair & Dander

If you own a pet at home, it’s advisable to get yourself a good vacuum cleaner so as to remove their dander and pet hair remains.

This device uses air-pump elements to create a partial suction tube for sucking up dirt particles, the residues can either be collected inside a dustbag or cyclone chamber for later disposal.

These appliances are available in different forms such as domestic central vacuums and small battery-operated editions.

Tips to Consider When Buying a Vacuum

  1. Get it from an established manufacturer. Always ensure that the manufacturer is reputable and well-known. Though there may be newer, less-known firms selling the products at affordable rates, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are the best in terms of quality.
  2. Check the manufacturer’s track record and whether there are any customer-complaints from those who bought them in the past, some of the best pet vacuum brands are Hoover, ProTeam, Eureka and Crusader.
  3. Check out the features. Ask yourself if it has sufficient filters to deal with hair particles, and whether it’s light-weight and versatile enough to be carried around with ease.
  4. Warranty. If you plan to keep the device for its entire lifetime, get a long and comprehensive cover that would help you reduce the costs of repair. Given that it can be quite expensive to hire a technician each time that the device gets damaged.

Bag-less Vacuums

Anyone who’s used standard vacuum cleaners before knows how wearisome and icky it can be to regularly clean the dust bag. Fortunately, nowadays there are advanced bagless cleaners that are upright built and feature powerful suctions that ensure no pet-hair or dander residues are left behind during the cleaning process.

Dirt accumulates inside a small detachable bin which saves the user trouble of buying new dust bags. More importantly they can be of great help to users that suffer from dust or pet remain allergies.

Bissell Deluxe 21K3

Bissell delivers excellent performance in all kinds of floors and is also good in cleaning carpets and rugs with pet-hair stuck inside. HEPA filters fitted inside the machine gives it an added advantage, while manual pile altitude adjustments make it convenient for everyday use. Deluxe is also equipped with a full-bin indicator system that saves users from the trouble of regularly checking their bins.

Hoover UH70015

This quality bagless vacuum cleaner is renowned for its strong suction abilities, just the perfect feature to remove hair from carpets, rugs or bare floor. The extended cord element found in this product also gives it an extended reach, allowing you to reach hidden corners and other inconspicuous places that pets like to visit. Hoover is lightweight and can be used for extended periods of time without the user getting tired. This is definitely one of the top rated pet hair and dander machines in the market.

Dyson DC25

Dyson’s vacuum is also lightweight and has a lengthy hose that extends up to 16ft, meaning that it may be used on your staircase, ceiling, low shelve areas or beneath the bed. DC25 also has an efficient ergonomic handle for maximum comfort while removing animal hair from your home. While deciding on the best brand to buy, always take into consideration the cost and convenience of use.

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