Tips and Tricks for Cleaning Wood Floors

With regular cleaning and care, wood floor can go for a long time without having to be refinished and sanded or even requiring a new varnish coat. You can keep it looking good by applying smart cleaning methods that will make caring for the floor and maintaining its good looks much easier.

Vacuum it Weekly

Wood Floor CleaningAlthough you are probably doing this already, it is always worth repeating. This is because the fine grit found in dust is similar to sandpaper and is capable of wearing through the wood floor’s finish. A good canister wood floor vacuum not only maintains its appearance but also protects the finish. Use an attachment with a felt surface or brush that will run along the floor. Attachments having a beater bar or rotating brushes are likely to scratch the surface.

Deeper Cleaning

Dirt, grime and oil accumulate over time and are not totally removed by the weekly vacuuming. You can use a wood-cleaning product that has been diluted in accordance to label instructions for occasional deep cleaning. Saturate a rag mop or sponge into the solution and then wring it in a way that it is only slightly damp. Damp-mop the floor while taking care not to leave standing water on it, and then rinse using a clean mop moistened in clear water.

Basic Care

You can fast track the process of cleaning wood floors by first dusting them with a mop treated with dusting agents in order to pick up dirt and dust that might scratch their surface. For cleaning done weekly or biweekly, you can vacuum using a floor-brush attachment on an electric broom. For quick dusting, disposable electrostatic cloths available at discount and grocery stores can be used.

Removing Marks

Wood Floor MarksYou should consider the finish of your floor before attempting to remove marks. If stains are on the surface, then most likely your floor has a hard finish like urethane. For stains that penetrate through the wood, the floor likely has a soft oiled finish commonly found in older homes whose floors are yet to be refinished and resealed. Stains on a hard finish can be wiped with a clean, soft cloth. Steel wool, harsh chemicals or sandpaper should never be used on such surfaces as they are likely to cause permanent damage to them.

The remedies below are for cleaning wood floors that have soft oiled finishes. If necessary, you can finish each treatment by staining the spot, then waxing and buffing it so that it matches the rest of the floor. There are many tactics for keeping your floors clean if you take the time to seek them out.

  • Pet stains and dark spots: rub the spot using steel wool and floor wax. In case the spot is still dark, vinegar or bleach can be applied and then allowed to soak into the wood for some time. You can then rinse using a damp cloth.
  • Oil-based stains: rub the spot using dishwashing detergent and a soft cloth to break down the grease. Afterwards, you can rinse with clean water. The procedure can be repeated if the first application does not work.

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