Selecting The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Roomba Robotic Vacuum CleanerThere is something deeply satisfying about robotic vacuum cleaners. I don’t know if it’s watching them tirelessly patrol your home, looking for dirt to clean. Or maybe it just comes from knowing that we are one step closer to the day when the machines rise up against us. Probably though, it just stems from having something else take care of a tedious household chore for you.

As with all things, not all robotic vacuums are created equal. Even the completely useless ones are still reasonably expensive, but can end up being little more than very expensive ways to scare your cat. Whether you’re looking to make the switch from traditional vacuums, or upgrading your existing robot vacuum, here’s what you need to know to help you understand which of the best robot vacuums from 2014-2015 is worth buying.

How Well is The Vacuum Made?

As I said above, not all robot vacuums are created equal. If you’re going to fork over the kind of money that robot vacuums cost, then you want to know that they are going to last a god long while. The weakest parts of an automated vacuum tends to be the moving parts, such as wheels or sensors. Look in the reviews for your particular model. If there are a lot of complaints about wheels breaking after a short time, then give it a miss. Generally, Roomba vacuums have excellent quality manufacturing.

What is The Battery Life Like?

Bad batteries or charging stations are a common problem with robotic vacuums. Faulty batteries have an annoying habit of only failing just after your return period is up. This can make it difficult to easily get a refund or replacement. The best way to avoid this is to read customer reviews of the vacuum that you are looking at getting, and see whether there are a lot of people complaining about battery failure, or batteries failing to charge properly.

Novelty Value Aside. Is it Actually a Good Cleaner?

It’s no good having an indestructible vacuum with a battery that lasts forever if it doesn’t actually get your house clean. If your vacuum has a wimpy motor, or is easily clogged by hair and dirt, then there is really no point in having it at all! Again, the easiest way to ensure that it does the job properly is to read customer reviews. If people are saying that it is not as good as a manual vacuum, then it’s not worth your time or money.

How Clever is The Programming?

You don’t want to be constantly having to pick it up because it has fallen down the stairs and landed wrong side up. You also don’t want to be constantly hearing the sound of it scraping against your furniture or walls, causing expensive damage. The better robot vacuums have enough sensors that they should never run into anything, and should change direction automatically when they reach the edge of a drop. Check to make sure that there are not too many people complaining that their vacuum gets lost constantly, or doesn’t get back to the charging station consistently.

Making Your Decision

To sum up, robot vacuums are a new and complicated technology, and there is always the chance that you will get unlucky and get a defect. The best way to minimize the risk of this happening is to stick to brands and models that have consistent positive feedback, even if it means paying a little bit more. To learn more, you can check out Floor Executives online for the latest vacuum buying tips.


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