Reasons to Check Out The Miele S2121 Olympus

Given with a lot of emotional attachment by my mother-in-law, I removed the old little (ready bulky) cleaner which hardly vacuumed to clean the couch. Following the much expected disastrous results it produced and after a lot of logical confrontation with my stubborn mother-in-law, I went ahead to the store and got a new vacuum cleaner based upon the shopkeeper’s suggestion. He told me “It Sucks” and then after a small pause, “every dirt particle” into it! Amidst much negotiation, the S2121 Olympus Canister Vacuum cleaner came home. It has never let me down since!

There are many pros as well as some cons to this cleaner and I would like to help out state them in an unbiased way for you to decide.


When it comes to handling, this cleaner is a breeze to use. Originally built light weight, you could push the head between the couch mats to suck your pets’ hair away. The vacuum bag moves with change of angle that works in favor of the handling.

Aesthetics & Built

Trendy and cool is what my 20 year son told me who was very happy to clean his room with it. The rectangular-oval shape gives it a compact look with perfectly placed switches. The top long (I guess almost 30 feet) cleaning chord is at the right place and doesn’t interfere while cleaning and reaches everywhere. All this makes it easier to operate. Full marks to the aesthetics and built which also aids its easy storage.

Cleaning & Performance

Although there is a powerful 1200 watt motor, the functioning is remarkably quiet. It however misbehaves on hard carpets where you feel the absence of the head brush. Someone just told me the other day that it has a triple filter too which even has a capacity to purify the air while it sucks up the dirt! Lovely and unexpected! Coupled with the motor is a 6 speed variation possibility for you to control the cleaning for a laptop (yes it works magic on setting 1) or to the carpet on setting 6.


Miele definitely lives up to its expectation of being a German company. It gives a 7 year warranty on casing and motor and complete replacement by the company on a defective piece. This doesn’t mean harsh handling! Store it nicely in a dry place. You will need to change the filter once the small little light glows indicating so. For a tom dick harry like you and me, we need a change every 8 months. The other thing to be kept in mind is that it would need frequent dust bag changing, very naturally due to its small size.


You would be a bit disappointed when you switch over to cleaning of the hard thick flooring and carpets where it would not clean much. The power chord needs an extension to reach far places though the accessory chords are decent enough. I would have loved had they provided a rotating powder head with the package inclusive.


All in all, the S2121 Canister is a multipurpose cleaner for dusting, brushing and daily cleaning needs. Full points to the S2121 Olympus Canister Vacuum Cleaner!

I cannot resist myself telling that on a Sunday morning, when I saw my mother-in-law taking the cleaner out of its box to get her table clean to use her laptop, I smiled and thought “329 dollars are now worth it !!”

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