Dirt Devil Featherlite SD40100 Cyclonic Canister Vacuum

In this post, we will review the Cyclonic Dirt Devil SD40100 Canister Vacuum. Similar to our other reviews, this article will contain, advantages, limitations, item features, and our personal opinion regarding said product.

Introduction and Specifications

The Featherlite SD40100 boasts that it has advanced cyclonic performance for such a compact cleaner. It is easy to handle and usable for almost all kind of cleaning situations – hard floors, carpet surfaces, walls, upholstery and mattresses, etc… Canister vacuums are known to be the best vacuum for hardwood floors, although this is not always the case as vacuum cleaners have come a long way.

Listed below is a general overview of the product’s specifications:

  • Bagless and comes with a big size dirt collection cup (bottom release type).
  • Cord auto-rewind.
  • Does not support or does not have headlight, performance check indicator, quick release cord, and a swivel head.
  • Filtration can be washed and is replaceable.
  • Uses HEPA filtration and single cyclonic air system.
  • Height can be adjusted automatically with a nozzle width of 10 inches.

As mentioned, above specs are provided as general reference to the reader. To view full and complete details, please visit the product’s main website as this post will mostly concentrate on reviewing the items’ Pros and Cons.

A look at the advantages and benefits

First off, this compact cleaner does a pretty good job in vacuuming different kind of surfaces. A couple of consumers may not know it – but some VCs react differently depending on what is being cleaned. For instance, a vacuum cleaner may do an excellent job on a hard or tiled floor but not so much on rugs or any other carpeted surface. It is worth noting that this one has quite a consistent output on different situations.

Being compact obviously follow that it is lightweight and can be dragged around easily. It has powerful suction that can clean away hard to reach areas, tight corners, and even the smallest cracks. Detaching the wand from the hose head is also simple – this is good for cleaning windows, upper corners, and stationary furniture.

For readers who are overly cautious about floor scratches or marks, you would be glad to know that this model has small operational wheels on the side of the hose near the head (it is hardly noticeable for design and aesthetic purposes)

Disadvantages and limitations

Now let’s get to the juicy stuff – knowing the dirt for this cleaning material (pun intended).

Aside from the unsupported features (variable suction control, quick release cord, etc…), we noticed a couple of issues or disadvantages for this compact cleaner.

  • Cord can be longer
  • Attachments / accessories appear to made of cheap plastic materials
  • There are times that the cord retract button did not function properly
  • Though it does a decent job on just about any surface, it may not be advisable for use on very (VERY) thick carpets

Expanding on the listed concerns, it can be noticed that all are quite trivial and already a given.

The Dirt Devil SD40100 is supposed to be light and compact so it naturally follows that it will not have a long cord to sacrifice visual design. This compact cleaner is relatively inexpensive which explains the cheap accessories. Third bullet is normal mechanical wear and tear while the last items is, let’s just say it is not designed for heavy-duty cleaning of very thick carpets.

Overall, we see that the SD40100 does what it claims to be – light, effective, useful, and easy to maintain.

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