A Simple Guide For Buying a Handheld Vacuum

Sometimes a full sized, traditional vacuum cleaner is just more than you need. Sometimes you just need to clean up a spill. Or, perhaps you want to quickly clean some dirt out of your car. This is where a hand vacuum comes in handy.

A hand vacuum offers a couple of important advantages. Clearly, due to their small size, these gadgets allow users to clean up quickly and easily rather than having to drag out a full sized cleaner. They are perfect for small cleaning jobs for this reason.

The Advantages

They are incredibly useful, portable devices. Handy in the event of a small mess, you can store cordless handheld vacuum cleaners in easy-to-reach locations in your home, office, or car. Cordless cleaners also have other advantages. They’re safe, they’re easy to clean, and they can save you a lot of time.


They are very portable devices. It’s not necessary to have the most lightweight vacuum, but you do want to make sure that it’s lightweight enough so that you can take the cleaner with you from room to room. Once charged,Cordless handhelds are ideal for use in the car since constant charging or a permanent energy source is not required. Handheld vacuums are also useful in offices since there is usually limited space available for storage of cleaning products.


Cordless handhelds can reach small spaces and corners more easily than a traditional machine. Instead of hooking up hoses and attachments and dealing with a plugged-in  cord, you can easily navigate between sofa cushions and behind furniture. You can even use it to supplement cleaning with a traditional upright vacuum as an alternative to fumbling with other attachments.

Save Time

It can take some serious time to move an upright through a house (particularly if the house has more than one story). Even lifting lighter, ergonomic upright vacuums can become tedious after a while. Cordless handhelds are time savers—simply grab the charged device and take it to the mess without having to worry about winding the cord around the unit or moving it back up or down the stairs.

Perfect for Small Jobs

It’s not practical to use an upright vacuum on a small mess when you live in a household with a cordless vacuum. These tiny cleaning tools are perfect for spot cleaning before company arrives or tackling one small problem area. Use the handheld unit to clean up a child’s play area, an isolated food spill, finger or toenail clippings, or heavy traffic areas.

Pet Hair

The small cordless handheld is a very helpful companion to any household with pets. Handheld vacuums run effortlessly over furniture and carpeted areas. Some cordless handhelds come with motorized brushes, ideal for removing hair from furniture.

Easy to Empty

These are usually very easy to empty into a large trash can (those with allergies should empty the vacuum into a trashcan outdoors). Many units require no vacuum bags.

Cost Effective and Safe

Cordless handhelds can help you watch your budget. Many vacuums come with washable filters. This reduces the amount of money you would have to spend on bags for a traditional upright as food spill items and pet hair often contribute to an expanding, weighty bag needing to be replaced.

Without a weighty vacuum, you can also eliminate your chance of being injured by running your foot over. Using small handheld vacuums around furniture edges can prevent damage to your furniture as well.

Choosing a Rechargeable Version

Rechargeable hand vacuums are common appliances but there a quite a number of them on the market. Here are a few of the features you should consider before making a choice:

  • Size and Weight – For it to be convenient and easy to handle, you’ll want one that is lightweight. In addition, you may consider where you will be storing and charging it. You want one that won’t require more table or wall space than you have available. Certainly too, you may want to consider the size of the nozzle. Some have a nozzle that is only 1 1/2 inches wide. If you need to clean a sofa, a 1 1/2 nozzle will slow the task significantly.
  • Attachments – In addition to the width of the nozzle, you’ll want to consider what attachments are offered. In many instances you will want the ability to get into small spaces and crevices.
  • Power – Compare the ability of the vacuum to pull in dust, dirt and debris. In other words, compare the power. A 9 volt rechargeable hand vacuum may not have the power of a 15 volt model. Many models allow users to adjust the speed. If a lower speed is sufficient it can be a power saver to reduce the speed. It will also allow you to vacuum longer per charge. This brings us to another power consideration; how long will the vacuum operate on a single charge? Some may only run a few minutes before you notice a reduction in power, while others will operate far longer.
  • Easy of Use – Certainly most rechargeable vacuums are easy to use and lightweight. However, some offer features that make them even more convenient. They may feature a pivoting nozzle which allows it to get closer to the spots you want to vacuum without twisting and turning your own arms or body.
  • Warranty – Many rechargeable vacuums will have a shorter life than a corded model. This is because the battery eventually loses it’s ability to charge and hold a charge. Replacing the battery can cost as much as the vacuum itself. . A year warranty should be considered the minimum, but some models offer as much as a 6 year warranty.

Buying a good handheld cleaner can prove to be a worthwhile investment. You’ll save time and money and you’ll spend a lot less of your own energy cleaning your home!

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